360-Degree Motion Graphics With Jonathan Winbush

In this episode, Jonathan Winbush, a motion graphic artist that focuses on VR and 360 degree video, chats with the Digimedia Dude all about 360 degree videos, VR, AR, motion graphics and how we can harness the power of this technology to take our e-learning deliverables to the next level.

Show Notes

  • Welcome to the podcast.
  • Jonathan’s professional background.
  • What attracted you to 360-degree video and VR?
  • What keeps you coming back to 360-degree video?
  • Explain the difference between AR, VR, MR and 360-degree video.
  • Do you think 360 / VR will take over flat video?
  • Do you see 360-degree video being used for a 2 hour movie?
  • What about using 360-degree video for corporate training?
  • How different is it creating motion graphics for VR / 360 video vs. flat video?
  • Any tips for rendering VR / 360 video quickly?
  • When planning a 360 video projects, what are your top considerations?
  • Explain what stitching is and how the process works.
  • What’s your take on e-learning and 360 degree video?
  • Where do you see the VR industry going in the next 5 years?
  • Contact Jonathan Winbush via email at jonathanwinbush@gmail.com

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