360-Degree Video Post Workflow: From Import To Publish


360-degree video is the latest trend in video shooting and editing. The key is to understand the entire post-production workflow, from ingesting to publishing. In this episode of the Digimedia Dude show, Marcelo Lewin shows you how to import your footage, how to stitch it together, how to edit it and publish it so that you get a complete understanding of the 360-degree post-production workflow.

Total Running Time

12 minutes, 25 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Importing footage from the Ricoh Theta S Camera.
  • Preparing the video using the Theta Desktop App (stitching).
  • Importing the stitched video into Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • Setting up Premiere Pro CC for 360-degree editing.
  • Exporting the final edit from Premiere Pro CC as a 360-degree video.
  • Testing out the video using the GoPro VR Player prior to uploading to YouTube.

  1. Outstanding tutorial.

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