Adobe Premiere Pro CC 360-Degree Viewer Overview


In this episode of the Digimedia Dude show, Marcelo Lewin gives you a complete overview of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 360-degree viewer and its settings. You’ll learn how to set up the viewer for YouTube and for Oculus Rift devices, how to move around the 360 degree sphere, plus much more.

Total Running Time

5 minutes, 25 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Program Monitor vs. Source Monitor Settings
  • Working with monoscopic 360-degree footage.
  • Working with stereoscopic 360-degree footage.
  • Captured View vs. Monitor View.
  • How to move the 360-degree footage inside the viewer.
  • How to view two devices at the same time.
  • Adding a 360-degree button to the Program and Source Monitors.

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