Autodesk Pixlr: A Free Alternative To Adobe Photoshop CC

Are you looking for an Adobe Photoshop free alternative that works on both Mac and Windows computers? Want to work on photos on your web browser without any software installation? Then you should check out Autodesk’s Pixlr, a free alternative photo and image creation tool that works in your browser.

In this episode, I give you an overview of this great app that works both on desktop computers and web browsers. You’ll see what tools it offers, how to open up a Photoshop PSD inside of it and what features it currently lacks.

This application will not replace the power of Adobe Photoshop whatsoever, but if you are ever in a crunch where you need to create an image quickly and don’t have Photoshop handy, you’ll be surprised by the power of Autodesk Pixlr.

Another reason you might want to use Autodesk Pixlr is because it runs both on Mac and Windows and most importantly, inside your web browser. It also offers the ability to store the images on the cloud, though you have to create an account on the Autodesk Pixlr website.

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