How To Balance A Drone Gimbal From DJI

Most people don’t realize that if you don’t have a balanced gimbal on your drone, the motors on that gimbal will have to work over time to make sure it stays balanced. This will make your gimbal not last as long. I highly recommend that you balance a drone gimbal before using it.

The steps to take are very easy and in this episode, I show you how I balanced the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal with a GoPro Hero 4 Black on a DJI Phantom 2. By applying a single dime using double sided industrial strength tape from 3M to the X-axis gimbal motor, I offset the opposite force and balance the gimbal.

This way, when you turn off the gimbal, the camera stays in a straight position without tilting right tor left. In an unbalanced gimbal, the camera would be tilting either right or left and when you turn on the Gimbal, it has to apply opposite forces using it’s motors to offset that tilt, therefore, making the motors work extra hard and shortening the life of the gimbal motors.

Total Running Time

3 minutes, 18 seconds

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