Canon 7D vs iPhone 6s Camera Shootout

It’s time for a camera shootout! I love my iPhone 6s, but I also own a Canon 7D and love the photos I can take with it. Unfortunately, the Canon 7D is a beast (size wise) to take everywhere. And guess what, I always have my iPhone 6s with me! What do they say? The best camera is the one you have with you?

I wanted to see if the quality of the iPhone 6s compares to that of the Canon 7D, so I decided to shoot the same subject, object and scenery twice. Once with the iPhone 6s and another time with the Canon 7D. Then I put them next to each other and I let you decided which is the best looking image. I labeled them A and B so that you just choose a letter and then later, I will reveal the actual answer in the YouTube channel comments.

So are you ready to see if you can tell which is which? I know I was confused at first, which says a lot about the iPhone camera. Some hints to help you out, look at the color saturation, look at the dynamic levels and focus. Have fun!

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