Green Screen Keying Techniques


In this episode of the PostProd show, our special guest presenter Steve Wright, gives us an in-depth look at how to pull a proper green screen key. Although he uses Nuke in this tutorial to show you how it’s done, the examples and topics covered are easily transferred to other compositing tools such as Fusion and/or After Effects.

Total Running Time

32 minutes, 12 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Pulling a key against a background.
  • Issues with feathering and uneven lighted backgrounds.
  • Creating separate keys for feathers.
  • Creating multiple keys.
  • Adding feather keys to main keys.
  • Using screen leveling to keep feathers.
  • Garbage matting and rotoscoping areas.
  • Working with the Red, Green and Blue channels to improve the key.
  • Converting images to linear light-space.
  • Working with spill suppression and color artifacts.
  • Creating an edge key.
  • Color correcting & color grading the keyed footage.

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  1. Ahad Mohebbi

    Thank you and thanks to Steve, that very useful. can you upload the project and media files.

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