How To Reorient Your 360-Degree Video Without Any Plugins In Adobe Premiere Pro CC


There may be times when you shoot with your 360-degree camera and what you thought was the front lens ended up being the rear lens. This means that every time a viewer loads your 360-degree video in YouTube, the first thing they will see is the back of the footage instead of the front. There are many plugins you can use today to fix orientation issues, but in this episode of the Digimedia Dude show, Marcelo Lewin will show you how to use a built-in effect inside of Premiere Pro CC that allows you fix this issue without any plugins.

Total Running Time

3 minutes, 46 seconds

Topics Covered

  • What is “orientation” in 360-degree video?
  • Identifying the home position of your 360-degree video.
  • Resetting your home position using the offset effect.
  • Reasons why you need to use a VR plugin instead of the offset effect.

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