Interview With Norman Hollyn: Storytelling and Manipulating The Audience

Norman Hollyn is a long time film, television and music editor with credits such as Heathers, The Cotton Club and Wild Palms. As a professor at USC Film School, he teaches all about storytelling and how to manipulate the audience through editing and other filmmaking techniques. In this episode, he’ll share his filmmaking knowledge with us so that we can learn how to create a good story and how to manipulate the audience to reach the goal we want. We even talk about the future of 360-degree filmmaking and the ever evolving filmmaking language around it.

Show Notes

  • Norman’s background on how he got into filmmaking.
  • Using split screens to tell parallel stories.
  • What is a good storytelling?
  • What is audience manipulation?
  • What is ‘The Lean Forward Moment’.
  • Understanding the expectations of the audience.
  • How music manipulate scenes.
  • Films that used music to manipulate a scene.
  • Creating a world that audiences will believe in.
  • Storytelling involves writing, acting, and editing.
  • Reality shows and manipulating the audience.
  • Famous filmmakers and how they tell their stories.
  • Audience involvement in 360-degree films.
  • How will the language of film evolve for 360-degree films.
  • What happens to the 4th wall in 360-degree films?
  • What’s next for Norman?

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