Interview With Richard Taylor: Production Challenges With 360-Degree Videos

In this episode, Richard Taylor, who is heavily involved in 360-degree video and VR productions, talks to us about the challenges and issues surrounding AR, VR and 360-degree video production. We talk about “the frame”, or rather, lack of it, storage concerns, storytelling concerns plus much more.

Show Notes

  • How Richard got into filmmaking.
  • Why Richard loves the entire process of filmmaking.
  • You can make anything with computer simulation.
  • Film characters that were computer simulated.
  • His thoughts in VR, AR, and 360-degrees videos.
  • Virtual reality vs Augmented reality.
  • The challenges of shooting 360-degree videos.
  • Where the camera is focused.
  • Using the same rules of story telling for AR, VR and 360-degree videos.
  • Applications of VR.
  • Challenges of VR post production.

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