Interview With Simon Che de Boer: All about VR, AR and 360-Degree Video

Simon Che de Boer is the founder and creative director of Reality Virtual. He specializes in VR, AR and 360-degree videos. In this episode, Simon explains the differences between AR, VR and 360-degree videos, why it’s important to filmmakers to truly understand those differences and how production and post is affected by this new technology.

Show Notes

  • Simon’s background.
  • Marcelo and Simon shared their first computers.
  • How he got into digital cultural preservation.
  • Why 360-Degree videos are a much less focus for him.
  • VR vs AR vs 360-degree video. What’s the difference?
  • How VR can simulate realistic environments.
  • Why he thinks a future like Star Trek in virtual reality is possible.
  • Where is Spatial Audio used today?
  • Treating audio the same as they treat video.
  • Adding interactivity in the room environment to augment virtual reality.
  • The scary thought of virtual reality becoming actual reality.
  • How production and post is affected by this mass quantity of data that VR produces.
  • What sets his production team apart from others.

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