Interview With Sean Kilbride From NVIDIA About GPUs For VR & 360 Video @ Adobe MAX 2016

If you use Adobe products, this is the conference to attend. Normally held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, this year, it was held at the San Diego Convention Center. The conference is focused on creative professionals working on the Web, in TV, Film and this year, there was a big emphasis on VR and 360-degree video.

In this (360-Degree) episode of our video podcast, Marcelo Lewin talks to Sean Kilbride from NVIDIA all about GPUs (graphic cards) for creative professionals and filmmakers that want to speed up their 360-degree and VR workflows. He explains what to look for in a GPU, the differences between their “consumer level” and “professional level” GPUs and what to expect to pay for a good GPU card.

Total Running Time

6 minutes, 31 seconds

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