Intro to Adobe Motion Graphic Templates with Bronwyn Lewis

In this episode, I speak with Bronwyn Lewis, Product Manager for Creative Cloud for Video and Motion Graphics Templates, all about Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRTs). She tells us exactly what MOGRTs are, how we can create them both in Premiere Pro and After Effects and how we can use them in our current projects.

Show Notes

  • Welcome message.
  • What’s the official Adobe name for Motion Graphic Templates?
  • How did you get into Kung Fu and how did you become an orange belt?
  • You are a costume contest winner, what kind of costumes?
  • What’s your video production and eLearning background?
  • How did you come to work at Adobe?
  • What are motion graphic templates?
  • When should we use a .MOGRT and when shouldn’t we?
  • What is it like working in After Effects when it comes to creation MOGRTs?
  • Why are After Effects MOGRTs are better than Premiere Pro MOGRTs?
  • What kind of controls can you publish in .MOGRTs from After Effects?
  • What’s the roadmap for future enhancements to Motion Graphic Templates and what are some limits today?
  • What’s the difference between scripting and expressions?
  • When will responsive design come to MOGRTs created in After Effects?
  • How can you share MOGRTs?
  • How can Scratch Disks affect MOGRTs?
  • Are MOGRTs dynamically updated just like Dynamic Linked projects are?
  • What happens if you use third party plug-ins in your MOGRTs?
  • What are the limits of the After Effects engine built into Premiere Pro?
  • Are there known issues with sound tracks in After Effects within MOGRTs?
  • What does the future hold for Motion Graphic Templates?
  • How can we monetize MOGRTs?
  • What about version control for MOGRTs? Is that something that’s coming?
  • How are other people using MOGRTs from an eLearning perspective?
  • Here is my wish list of enhancements for MOGRTs…
  • How can our listeners get a hold of you or learn more about MOGRTs?

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