Intro To Production, Post and Delivery CODECs


We are all affected in our production workflow, by the choices we make when it comes to CODECS. It doesn’t matter if you work in a feature film, a short, a corporate video, a training video or a YouTube video, making the correct choices during production, will save you headaches and time during post and delivery. In this episode of the PostProd show, our special guest presenter Mike Woodworth, from Divergent Media, gives us a full introduction to CODECS for production, post and delivery. Topics covered include what CODECS really are, the three types of CODECS available to us, how our choice of CODECS in production will affect post production, plus much more.

Total Running Time

39 minutes, 52 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Tradeoffs between CODECS.
  • Overview of Uncompressed / RAW CODECS.
  • Overview of Intraframe CODECS.
  • Overview of Interframe CODECS.
  • The three phases of production (Production, Post, Delivery) and how your CODEC choice can affect each phase.
  • Final thoughts.

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  1. Fantastic. So well presented and clearly explained. Great teacher.

  2. Excellent information and very well presented. Thank you.

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