Introduction To xAPI With John Blackmon

In this episode, John Blackmon, CTO and founder of Trivantis, talks to us all about xAPI. What is it? Why it’s important for us as elearning professionals to know this technology, how we can use it today, what the future of SCORM is, plus lots more! If you are wondering what xAPI is all about, wonder no more! Listen to this episode and find out all the details!

Show Notes

  • What is xAPI?
  • What is the difference between xAPI, Tin Can and SCORM?
  • What are the benefits of xAPI over SCORM?
  • What is CMI-5 and how is that different from SCORM?
  • What are xAPI recipes?
  • Is xAPI extensible?
  • What are some of the drawbacks of having the ability to extend xAPI?
  • What are verbs?
  • Is SCORM on its way out?
  • Can xAPI be used beyond e-learning courses?
  • Why is JSON an important aspect of xAPI?
  • What does it mean that JSON is stateless and why is that important?
  • Is xAPI a formalized standard and can it be used today?
  • Who’s behind supporting the xAPI standard?
  • How do LMSs support xAPI today?
  • What is an LRS?
  • Will LRSs replace LMSs?
  • Are companies creating LRSs?
  • What about 360 Video / Virtual Reality analytics? Will it work with xAPI?
  • What do we do with so much data?
  • What kind of reporting engines exist to manage all this data generated by xAPI?

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