Managing Multiple VR Plugin Players In Adobe Premiere Pro CC


VR Plugins usually come with VR players that are installed and enabled for Adobe Premiere Pro. They are great, but every time you run Adobe Premiere Pro, all these players start automatically, cluttering your screen and worse, slowing down the upstart time of Adobe Premiere Pro. In this episode of the Digimedia Dude show, Marcelo Lewin shows you how to disable various VR players so that you can speed up Premiere’s startup time, keep your screen clutter free and how to manually enable the players when you need.

Total Running Time

3 minutes, 46 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Overview of the Playback Preferences of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • How to disable VR players.
  • How to re-enable VR players.
  • How to manually run the VR players.


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