Nvidia’s Head of VR on the Challenges Facing Virtual Reality Gaming

News Highlights

  • Sony’s PlayStation VR is the most popular on the market worldwide.
  • A decent graphics card is a necessity to play games (VR or otherwise) on PC.
  • Zvi Greenstein is the general manager at Nvidia VR and explained the performance requirement for a good VR experience was seven times higher than for regular gaming on a monitor.
  • A VR headset requires two displays, one for each eye.
  • To avoid motion sickness, you need to render at 90 frames per second, well above the 30 or 60 frames per second people usually expect (from games).
  • The other important thing is it requires a very low latency — if you move your head, the display has to be refreshed almost instantaneously.
  • The GPU is the one device that’s responsible for rendering the scene — the more complex the scene, the more pixels you have to render, the more the powerful the GPU needs to be.
  • When VR takes off it will impact our lives in a very meaningful way.

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