Pixelmator: A Cheap Alternative To Adobe Photoshop CC

If you are looking for an Adobe Photoshop cheap alternative, then you should definitely consider Pixelmator. Though Pixelmator is only available for Mac users, the interface is very clean, the application is extremely fast and responsive, especially at boot up, and it boasts a host of power features you might only think Photoshop would have.

Once you run Pixelmator, you’ll find the regular set of tools you come to expect from a photo editing application, including move, transform and alignment guides. You’ll also find a host of selection tools, painting tools, vector tools, type tools, color adjustment tools and some really neat effects that are easily applied to the image or any layer within it.

Watch this episode to get an idea of what the interface looks like, how to use some of its tools, how compatible the app with Adobe Photoshop documents, what features you’ll like and which features are missing that you need Photoshop for.

There are many other alternatives to Photoshop for Mac, but this one, in my opinion stands out because of the feature set it offers, the price point and the performance of it.

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