How To Recover A Drone When You Lose Orientation

Have you ever lost orientation of your drone and can’t figure out if you are moving forward or backwards? Of course you have, and so have I! By losing orientation, I ended up crashing my drone into a tree, never able to recover it (lucky, it was my first cheap drone I bought!) If I would have understood orientation and the simple technique to recover a drone I’m about to show you, I would still have that drone today!

Many of you depend on the RTH (Return To Home) to safely bring back your drone if you lose orientation and can’t figure out how to bring it back home. The problem with depending on RTH is that it requires GPS signal. What if there is no GPS. What if you didn’t have GPS lock when you took off and you never set your home position? What do you do at this point?

That’s where this simple trick comes in. It doesn’t matter if you are flying in full GPS or full manual, knowing this trick will get you out of a sticky situation quickly and safely.

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2 minutes, 28 seconds

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