Review of the Neewer CN-126 LED Video Light

LED video lights today are really inexpensive and easy to use. The key to a good LED light is to make sure that it maintains the same color balance as you dim it, otherwise, it will throw off your camera white balance.

In this episode, I review the Neewer CN-126 LED video light, which I paid only $28 for. For this price you won’t find a better over the camera light anywhere! You can use it on top of your DSLR, attach it to a tripod and use it as a fill light, attach it to the wall to use it as a hair (back) light. It’s powerful enough to be used as a key (main) light to light a subject (though you have to put it pretty close to the person).

The light comes with three colored diffusers, a battery converter so that you can use a camera battery or you can just use 6 AA batteries to power it. In my testing, the 6 AAs last me a long time (hours worth of use).

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