Secondary Color Correcting 360-Degree Video In Premiere Pro CC


There will be times when you are called upon to color correct a particular section of a video, also known as secondary color correction. In traditional “flat” video, this is not a very complex task to do. In 360-Degree video, it’s still not complex, but, you need to be aware of some important details. In this episode of the Digimedia Dude show, Marcelo Lewin shows you how to change the color of a ceiling of a 360-degree video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and explains how to “read” an equirectangular image.

Total Running Time

7 minutes, 13 seconds

Topics Covered

  • Setting up the color correcting interface in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for equirectangular footage.
  • How to read equirectangular footage.
  • Working with a VR player.
  • Masking out the ceiling.
  • Change the color of the ceiling.
  • Feathering and adding finer details to the mask.
  • Working with the Lumetri Color Panel.

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