How To Sync Audio and Video In Adobe Premiere Pro CC


If you shoot any kind of video using a DSLR (like a Nikon or Canon), then you know that the audio in those cameras are not up to par. You need to record audio in an external recording device to capture professional sounding audio. The question that comes up most often in post is how do you sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro (if that is your editing tool of choice).

If that is the question you have today, then you’ve arrived at the right place. In this episode of the PostProd show, I will show you how I synchronize both audio and video clips from a Canon 7D and a Zoom H5, how I keep those files in sync and the workflows I use to keep my new synced clips organized.

Although Adobe Premiere Pro makes it very simple to synchronize external audio with video, you have to make sure you capture good “sync audio” using the microphone in your camera device. This audio should be clear enough so that Adobe can use it as it’s sync track for the real audio recorded in an external device.

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4 minutes, 10 seconds

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