How To Use Adobe Lightroom Lights Off Mode

When you are editing a photo, you want to fully concentrate on it and make sure that the colors represented on the screen are the colors you want outputted when you print the photo. There is a tool for that. The Adobe Lightroom lights off mode allows you to turn off the interface, by dimming the lights and letting you focused on the photo you are editing.

In this episode, I show you how to turn the lights off mode on and off, how to change some settings in the Adobe Lightroom preference section, how to select which color backgrounds you want for your interface, the keyboard shortcut for engaging lights off mode, plus my workflow for editing photos with the ‘lights turned off’.

Even though this is a simple thing to implement in Adobe Lightroom, you’ll see how beneficial it is and how much it helps you in color correcting and editing your photos. Once you start using this great tool, you’ll wonder how you ever edited your photos without it.

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