How To Use The Magic Hour iPhone App For Your Next Shoot

In this episode, I go through the Magic Hour iPhone App review, show you how easy it is to use and describe some of its powerful features.

Did you know that the best way to shoot a great photo or video is to do it during the magic hour? In photography or video, the magic hour (also known as the “golden hour”) is a period before sunrise and before sunset which gives you the softest light, which in turn, makes your subject or scenery look it’s best.

One of the great features of the Magic Hour iPhone App is the ability to tell you, by location, when the magic hour will happen for both Sunset and Sunrise. In their latest version, they added a new Moon feature for moon followers. It tells you not only when the moon is going to show up, but illumination information and when the next full moon will appear.

If you are serious about your filmmaking and/or photography and want to improve your next photo or video shoot, you need to check this app out!

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