Using Color as a Storytelling Tool with Jason Bowdach

In this interview with Jason Bowdach, a colorist and finishing editor, we talk all about color and how color affects your storytelling. As eLearning developers, we should be telling compelling stories that help learners understand a complex subject or technique. Color, is a very important tool we can use to help us in that process. That’s the focus of today’s podcast episode.

Show Notes

  • What is a colorist and how did you get into it?
  • Tell us about your day to day responsibilities as a colorist?
  • What does a finishing editor do?
  • What kind of projects do you typically work on?
  • Why should coloring be important to elearning developers or a professional working on elearning projects?
  • What’s the difference between color correcting and color grading?
  • How does color tone affect the mood of the video?
  • How can color be used to manipulate the viewer into feeling certain emotions?
  • How can we use color as a way to simplify complex problems and/or concepts in our videos?
  • How can we make learners ‘want to watch’ instead of ‘have to watch’ elearning?
  • How can we bring the Netflix experience into eLearning?
  • Give us some tips for color manipulation in eLearning.
  • What does it mean to shoot flat?
  • What is latitude and why is that important in coloring?
  • What are some color correcting / color grading tools?
  • What tool do you use the most?
  • Which resources do you recommend to learn more about color in general?

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