Virtual Reality 101 Panel Discussion at UC Irvine

News Highlights

  • Curious about Virtual Reality and how it works? This panel is for you!
  • Panel speaker – Steven Xu, VR Evangelist for HTC Vibe
  • Panel speaker – Frank Shi, Co-founder – Paper Triangles
  • Panel speaker – Xuan Buddhavong, Co-founder – Paper Triangles
  • Panel speaker – Ethan Stickley, VR Developer and Consultant
  • Panel speaker – Lynne Cheng, Product Team – HTC Vive
  • Panel speaker – Sana Ahmad, Brand Influencer and Marketer
  • Panel speaker – Lesley Chinen, VR Event Producer and Coordinator
  • Panel speaker – Kevin Fathi, VR Entrepreneur and Producer
  • Event starts at 2:30pm and ends at 6pm on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.
  • There will be demo stations of the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR.
  • I will be there demoing my Oculus Rift with a GTX 1070 laptop! Stop by and say hello!

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